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Trespassing And Posted Land: Laws To Consider Before MN-ND Hunting Season Arrives

Hunting season is approaching. Hunters, landowners, and tenants, make sure you are up-to-date on trespass laws in North Dakota and Minnesota.

North Dakota

Owners and Tenants

The name of the person posting the land must be on each sign in legible characters. Ensure that the signs are readable from the outside of the land. Signs must be placed in a way that they are clearly visible. You must place signs not more than 880 yards apart. If the land is entirely fenced in or enclosed, signs can be posted at or on each gate instead of 880 yards apart around the gate or enclosure.


You must obtain permission before hunting on posted land. Exception: If you shoot or kill

game on land where you were legally hunting, you may enter posted land to recover the game.

More information can be found here.


Owners, Occupants, and Lessees

You are not required to post on agricultural lands. On other lands, the signs must state “no trespassing” or something similar. The letters on the sign must be at least two inches high. The owner, occupant, or lessee must either place their signature on the sign or write their name or telephone number. The signs must be placed not less than 1,000 feet apart around the boundary of the land. However, if the land is a wooded area and boundaries are not clear, the signs must be placed not less than 500 feet apart. You also have the option to place signs at each of the primary corners of the land and at access roads and trails where you enter the land.


You may not enter posted land without the permission of the individual who posted the land. If the land is agricultural land, you must always ask permission, even if it’s not posted. There are two exceptions. First, you may enter posted land without permission to retrieve your hunting dog, but you must enter on foot without your firearm. After you retrieve your dog, you must immediately leave the posted land. Second, you may enter posted land without permission to retrieve a wounded animal that you legally shot, but you must enter on foot. However, if you are told to leave, you must leave.

More information can be found here.


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